Birmingham Audubon Society Brings New Attraction to Birmingham Parks

For everyone who enjoys a stroll around Railroad Park, basking in the sun and enjoying the birds chirping, now you will be able to tell if that’s an American Kestrel or a Yellow-Rumped Warbler sitting in the tree. With the help of Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, the Birmingham Audubon Society has designed signage that provides a guide to the local birds in in the metro area, especially at Railroad Park.

On October 13, 2015, individuals gathered around for the unveiling of the signage, which has a variety of information about the different birds you will find around the park.

Downtown Birmingham is the perfect example of shared habitat with people and a wide variety of birds and the Audubon Society wants to make it easier for ‘us humans’ to identify and appreciate them. Thanks to a $65,000 grant from the Community Foundation, the Audubon Society is launching 6 different projects in 6 different parks that will help visitors identify and appreciate MANY different birds in our area. Some of the new locations that birding is expected to spread to are Birmingham Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Robert Jemison Park, Irondale Furnace, Eastlake Park, Airport Fields, Ruffner Mountain Nature Center, Lake Purdy, Oak Mountain State Park, and Limestone Park.

About the Audubon Society: The National Audubon Society was founded in 1905 and served to protect different types of waterbirds in their natural habitat. On November 22, 1974, Birmingham Audubon Society was incorporated as an official Alabama non-profit corporation and in November 1976 was granted as a charitable nonprofit organization. As one of the oldest organizations in Alabama, they continues to educate, advocate, and help the habitat of birds. Please visit the website,, for more information.