Community Foundation Receives National Recognition for Donor Satisfaction

The Community Foundation is honored to be featured in a new report released by the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) as one of the top community foundations in the nation for donor satisfaction.CEP_cover

The report, What Donors Value: How Community Foundations Can Increase Donor Satisfaction, Referrals, and Future Giving, comes as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the community foundation model. “The accomplishments of community foundations over the past century are significant,” said Ellie Buteau of CEP. “However, community foundations today are operating amid much more competition for donor attention and resources.”

Both Kathryn Corey and Lora Terry are featured in the report that profiles three foundations that were rated particularly high by their donors: the Dallas Foundation; the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham; and the Community Foundation serving Boulder County. Their stories show that community foundations must be committed to communicating with their donors and be responsive to their needs. In addition they should be recognized for their leadership in driving positive results in their region.

“These three foundations are among the highest rated in our comparative dataset of more than 6,000 donors of 47 community foundations,” said CEP President Phil Buchanan. “These findings should provide some encouragement that donors can – and do – value what community foundations are especially well positioned to deliver,” said Buteau.

To view the entire report What Donors Value-Center for Effective Philanthropy