EngAge Survey Data

Domain 1 Questions
Domain 1_Banner 1 by area

Domain 1_Banner 2 by demographic characteristics

Domain 2 Questions
Domain 2_Banner 1 by area
Domain 2_Banner 2 by demographic characteristics

Domain 3 Questions
Domain 3_Banner 1 by area
Domain 3_Banner 2 by demographic characteristics

Domain 4 Questions
Domain 4_Banner 1 by area
Domain 4_Banner 2 by demographic characteristics

Note first that the two Banner Books represent two ways of sorting responses to survey questions:

Banner Book 1 tables have responses sorted according to the ten geographic areas we focused on (Blount, Shelby, St. Clair, Walker, Chilton, East Jefferson, West  Jefferson, Central Jefferson, South Jefferson, Rural Jefferson)

Banner Book 2 tables have responses sorted according to the remaining seven demographic characteristics:  income, age, education, race, living arrangement, health status, and ADL/IADL’s*

Each table in the Banner Books (usually shown all on one page) represents responses to one question in the survey.

In each table, the first column to the left is the average total for each response. When looking at a particular response (see bottom set of rows below ‘Total Answering’), please disregard the top number and focus on the number below, which represents the percentage. Looking across the table, you will be able to quickly note where there is significant deviation from this average, either lower or higher, in geographic areas (Banner Book 1) or other demographics (Banner Book 2).  Looking for these deviations can help identify trends.

*ADLS = activities of daily living; IADLS = instrumental activities of daily living