Charitable Real Estate Foundation

Unearthing new assets for charity

Are you looking for new ways to support your favorite charity? Take a look right under your feet or around the corner.  You can find more wealth in real estate than in stocks and bonds combined.

  • Giving real estate is simple. Let us know which property you want to give and what local charity you want to benefit and we will help you make the connection.
  • Generate revenue for your favorite charity. If you have no more use for a building or a piece of property, even out of state, your excess capacity can help a local nonprofit do even more for people right here at home.
  • You or your business can get a tax deduction. Whether you donate a vacation home, a warehouse your business no longer needs or undeveloped lots in a subdivision, you can gain maximum tax benefit for this donation through the Charitable Real Estate Foundation.
  • We work with professional advisors and agents. Sometimes a gift may be the best solution for a real estate sale. We appreciate the important role of professionals in advising prospective donors and keep you involved in the process and in the transaction whenever appropriate.

We are part of your Community Foundation. The Charitable Real Estate Foundation operates in association with the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham as a service to local nonprofit organizations and their donors. Our volunteer board of real estate professionals reviews every gift for its potential to benefit the charity of your choice. Their expertise allows us to streamline the process, avoid risks and maximize the value upon sale — and that means more for your favorite charity.

More questions? Contact Lora Terry.