Recent Grants

Results Framework Cycle 1 Grants
Awarded in May 2018


RESULT: Children are successful along the education pipeline

Increase high quality early learning opportunities from birth through fifth grade:

  • Alabama Game Changers, $25,000 to support the launch of a pilot reading enrichment program for K-5 students enrolled at Restoration Academy. The grant will also help support training for teachers and administration.
  • Better Basics, $60,000 over two years to develop a Mathematics Intervention Program for struggling students enrolled in kindergarten through second grade in Birmingham public schools with a goal of adding third and fourth grade students in subsequent years. The program will match certified teachers with students to address the gaps which may exist in their classroom experience.
  • Restoration Academy, $25,000 to help in remodeling and expansion of their current space to add new classrooms to meet the needs of their growing student population.
  • James Rushton Early Learning Center, $20,000 to increase the capacity of their pre-k programs. The grant will provide the local match for an Office of School Readiness first class pre-k grant. The Center provides affordable, high-quality childcare and educational opportunities for low-income families in the Woodlawn area.
  • The Literacy Council, $25,000 to support the full launch of their family literacy programs – Share the Words and Unidos Leemos. The grant will help fund an additional staff member to support te programs, software, teaching materials and books for both programs.
  • Zion Spring Baptist Church, $5,000 to support their Ready to Read Initiative at The Springboard Enrichment Center. This will allow the Center to expand their after-school assistance and Saturday morning tutoring for children at Hayes K-8 School.

Increase career and college readiness:

  • Alabama Possible, $25,000 to conduct a feasibility and impact study that supports developing a plan for a local Promise scholarship program.
  • Birmingham Education Foundation, $25,000 to support the implementation of a longitudinal data gathering and assessment process that tracks post-secondary outcomes of students who participate in Birmingham Education Foundation’s Educate Local programs.
  • Birmingham Southern College, $50,000 to support the hiring of a First-Year Advising Coordinator focused specifically on supporting first-generation students and families in successfully navigating the challenges of college; including assessing and delivering resources needed to increase the likelihood of a successful matriculation.
  • Blount County Education Foundation, $75,000 to expand STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) opportunities for 5th through 8th graders in Blount County. The initiative, Full STEAM Ahead, will set up fully equipped STEAM labs in each community in the county, providing students with access to STEAM learning during and beyond the school day.
  • Build UP for Urban Prosperity, $50,000 over two years to support the launch of Build-Up Ensley, an innovative school-career program that empowers and equips students, families, and communities to rise out of poverty by providing youth the opportunity to: acquire a self-directed, career-focused education; gain knowledge and skills in a high-demand field of their choosing; and renovate and own homes and rental properties to build personal wealth.
  • Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School, $30,000 to support a 1:1 technology program focused on building students digital fluency and expanding their access to digital tools by providing Chromebooks for each student.
  • Jones Valley Teaching Farm (JVTF), $70,000 over three years to expand their programming to include an apprenticeship program that complements their current internship program. This program will allow JVTF to provide a full-time work opportunity and continued professional development to two high-school graduates, placing them on the path to leadership within JVTF.
  • Maranathan Family Learning Center and Academy, Inc., $60,000 over three years to support a full-time Adult Diploma Completion Program Coordinator, who will also serve as the Dean of Students. The coordinator will support Maranathan Academy’s goal of increasing the number of adults completing diplomas through the program, as well as provide additional academic and behavioral support for their high school students.
  • STREAM Innovations, $5,000 to increase capacity for STREAM Boot Camp courses that teach 7th and 8th grade students coding language and skills in the Inglenook area.


RESULT: People can lead healthy lives

Improve nutrition and healthy food access and increase opportunities for physical activity:

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama, $16,000 to help with the repair and renovation of the outdoor pool at the John Williamson Boys & Girls Club. This will allow the Club to continue to offer the Michael’s Individual Medley Program which includes water-safety courses, recreational pool activities, swim training and health and wellness education for thousands of children in the area.
  • City of Hoover, $75,000 over two years to support the construction of an inclusive, universally designed destination playground, the only one of its kind in the region. The playground will be designed to accommodate a wide range of children with physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Oak Mountain Missions Ministries, $20,000 to purchase a box truck with lift-gate to be used to pick up and deliver food and other basic necessities for the low-income households served through their community ministry.
  • Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, $25,000 to help extend the Shape Bham assessment to all 99 Birmingham neighborhoods, providing neighborhood level data on health, economic conditions, education, employment, environmental hazards and more. The data provided by this assessment will allow the City of Birmingham and others to strategically target funding, program development and policies to meet neighborhood needs.
  • The Community Kitchens of Birmingham, $33,000 to complete much needed renovations to the kitchen in their Woodlawn facility. The upgrade will allow Community Kitchens to create a new breakfast program that will provide 7,800 breakfasts annually and continue providing more than 30,000 lunches to food-insecure individuals in the community.

Improve access to care for vulnerable populations:

  • Alabama Head Injury Foundation, $11,000 over three years to launch a Traumatic Brain Injury Camp targeting survivors who are 3+ years post-injury with no access to continued therapy and their caregivers; health professional students will provide an individualized “at-home action plan” for the survivor and connect caregivers with community resources in this replicable program.
  • Alabama Regional Medical Services, $50,000 to support the renovation of a vacant facility in North Birmingham and establish a new, affordable health care clinic. This new FQHC will provide primary and preventative medical care, dentistry, OB/GYN services, and pediatric medical services for a medically underserved area of Jefferson County.
  • AlaQuest Collaborative for Education, $25,000 to pilot the Culture Coach Program supporting evidence-based Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curricula at Fairfield High School and Alabama School of Fine Arts. The goal of the program is to change school culture through data-based coaching to guide school leaders in determining the right interventions for their school.
  • Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service, $20,000 to support Prevention through Intervention, a program created to decrease the dependency on emergency services for frequent 911 callers through home visits following discharge from area medical centers. The grant will be used to purchase an additional vehicle, allowing for another team of firefighters and expansion of the program.
  • Christ Health Center, $100,000 to support the construction of a Behavioral Health Center adjacent to their facility in Woodlawn. The new center will provide affordable, accessible mental health services to children and adults in this medically underserved area.
  • Crisis Center, Inc., $25,000 to purchase equipment necessary for a new Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) to be onsite at One Place Family Justice Center. This will allow survivors of sexual assault to have evidence collected in the same location where many other services are also available and provide a second site in Jefferson County for the Crisis Center’s Rape Response Program.
  • Jefferson County Department of Health, $50,000 to support a new intervention program in partnership with faith communities in West End aimed at lowering uncontrolled high blood pressure. The program will use trained Community Health Workers from the community and focus on screenings, health coaching and medication education sessions.
  • Parkinson Association of Alabama, Inc., $30,000 to establish a web-based resource center and statewide database for Parkinson’s disease patients and their caregivers. This new center, the first in Alabama, will provide up-to-date links to resources and educational materials and assist patients and their caregivers in navigating the complex healthcare system using a Nurse Navigator.
  • Red Mountain Grace, $8,000 to increase to increase their capacity to provide temporary housing for patients and their families receiving extended medical treatment in Birmingham hospitals. The grant will allow Red Mountain Grace to add and fully furnish an additional apartment home.
  • Sight Savers America, $50,000 over two years for a pilot program with AIDB, equipping more than 130 vision-impaired adults in the five-county area with in-home Electronic Video Magnifiers and/or other vision aids. These vision aids will enable participants to gain greater independence, hone workplace skills, age at home and achieve an improved quality of life.
  • The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs, $100,000 over three years to support the construction of a new ADA compliant facility that will help to expand programming and services and accommodate enrollment growth. The Bell Center provides early intervention programs for children from birth to three years of age who are at risk for developmental delays.
  • The Exceptional Foundation, $15,000 to expand transportation services for individuals with developmental challenges served by The Exceptional Foundation.
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