Community Partners

Youth Grants Workshop at Magic City Acceptance Center

BAO hosted the inaugural Youth Grants Workshop at the Magic City Acceptance Center in collaboration with the LGBTQ Fund.  The Workshop was held on Saturday, May 13, 2017.  The workshop was attended by youth ranging from ages 11-24 and resulted in five grant proposals.  The proposals were reviewed and BAO made four awards.

“Equality Project” Community Art Show – Terry M. – $350. An art show featuring work of LGBTQ youth will be hosted in a community safe space.  Funds will be used to host reception and give prizes to participants.

“The art show will help the LGBTQ community stand out proudly and have our voices heard through our artwork.”

Birmingham GSA Art Club and Mural – Aine O. and Skylar W. – $400. Support reoccurring art class for LGBTQ youth and their allies. Funding will be used for art supplies and snacks.  Participants will also create a small mural in a location to be determined.

”I haven’t seen anything like it in my community. I want to have people of different races and identities come together—even if they don’t have much talent.”

Open House for Survivors of Violent Crime – Carter T. – $500. Open House to provide support to survivors of violent crime—with a focus on LGBTQ youth. Funds will be used for marketing materials and event supplies.

“I know that other young people need our help—this is a chance to spread the word.”

Binders, Boys & LGBTQ – Jacques O. – $250. This application was submitted by the youngest participant, 11 years old.  He seeks to create a resource of chest binders for Trans and non-binary youth who come to Magic City Acceptance Center.

“It is important to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and reduce the chances of someone experiencing dysphoria. I am hoping youth will get binders who would otherwise be unable to purchase them.”

Leadership Birmingham

“The Community Foundation of Birmingham established the LGBTQ Fund with n full appreciation of the challenges and the opportunities that are inherent in a region within the Deep South. The Fund has been exceptionally thoughtful in the way that it has envisioned its work, developed its needs assessment and started its work. There is a commitment to community transformation that will pay attention to all of our people and all of our lives. Strengthening the work of the LGBTQ Fund will make a difference here.”

Ann Florie, Leadership Birmingham


The Women’s Fund

“The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham partners with the LGBTQ Fund in Birmingham on our new Young Women’s Initiative (YWI). YWI supports programs for girls and young women ages 12 to 24 with special emphasis on girls of color and LGBTQ young women. The LGBTQ Fund assisted us with research material and a focus group.”

Jeanne Jackson, President/CEO, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham