Igniting passion for transformational change

Change happens when bold leadership meets opportunity. Our Community Foundation is dedicated to addressing our communities’ most challenging issues and providing hope for the future. By bringing together the dedication of community members and the generosity of philanthropic partners, we work to be a center for progress and a catalyst for change.

Community Impact

Individually, we drive our community forward. Collectively, we have the power to change it forever. Reaching our full potential starts with ensuring every individual has the opportunity to succeed. We partner with nonprofits, stakeholders and donors to cultivate thriving and collaborative communities, celebrate diverse perspectives and create clear paths to economic security and well-being for all.

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Give Today, Tomorrow & Forever

Our work is made possible by the generosity of donors who share our passion for transformational change. Whether you’re an individual, a family, or a business; whether you want to donate now or forever; whether you want to support an issue, an organization or a vision, we offer ways to give.



Our grantmaking framework is the vehicle that provides funding to nonprofits creating impact, empowering the people and organizations that best understand how to serve their communities with the resources they need. These investments are powered by the generosity of donors who have entrusted the Foundation to meet our community’s needs.

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