2020 Woven Together Learning Series


In our 2020 Woven Together Learning Series we are taking a deep dive in to Equity and Inclusion, which will be our focus for the remainder of the year. We believe that in order to successfully move into the future, we first have to understand our past. As Dr. Bridges, our first speaker in the series, said, “The challenges we face are the product of a long, difficult history. But each of us is responsible for doing the best we can to make things better for our children and those who will come after us.”

November Woven Together: Voices of the Community, Growing Up Black in Alabama

October Woven Together: Building an Equitable Economy

September Woven Together: The Fierce Urgency of Now

August Woven Together: LaTosha Brown

July Woven Together: Dr. Ed Bridges

February Woven Together: Regional Cooperation