Valentine’s Day wishes to our community

What do you love about your own corner of Birmingham? Whether you live in Oneonta or Over-the-Mountain in the southern suburbs,  Valentine’s Day is a good reason to stop and think about the quality of life we all enjoy in the region around Alabama’s largest city.

No situation is perfect, but we all have special places and special people who make our lives better. Why not make a list of your favorite things and take a moment to show your love?

  • Do you like sitting on your porch in good weather? Thank your local police department or neighborhood association for making sure your community is safe enough to let you do that.
  • Do you enjoy seeing exotic animals or teaching your children about other cultures? Thank the Birmingham Zoo for the chance to explore Trails of Africa or the Birmingham Museum of Art for its exhibits.
  • Does wandering in the woods or canoeing down the river satisfy your love of the outdoors? Thank the organizations that protect our open spaces and waterways.

No matter what makes your life better, from a local park to a neighborhood coffee shop, from an arts organization that heals your soul to a medical institution that heals your broken body, take time to show your appreciation on this special day.  Whether you say thank you with a smile or with a gift to your favorite charity, you can make a difference on Valentine’s Day.