Together We Do More

Spend a few minutes with the Agee family and you’ll get excited about something. Maybe it’s the Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative (BVRI) Jarralynne is working on, or the sports medicine camp for Birmingham city kids that Bob leads. One thing is for sure, their enthusiasm will make you want to get up and do something good in the community.

Jarralynne and Bob Agee moved with their two sons from San Francisco to Birmingham in 2008. He is a highly regarded sports physician in the area and she holds three degrees and a wealth of experience working with the criminal justice system.

“We knew when we moved to Birmingham that we wanted to have a community impact,” says Jarralynne. “We had a lot of philanthropic as well as professional goals.”

They share a lot of the same passions in their giving, especially in education and opportunities for youth. And the whole family works as a team, hosting an All Access Sports Medicine camp for Birmingham students, co-hosting the 2016 UNCF Mayor’s Ball, and getting involved in numerous local service organizations such as Jack and Jill.

In 2015, Jarralynne was named the Program Director for BVRI. The initiative, which was funded by the Community Foundation’s Catalyst Donors and Alabama Power Foundation, focuses on reducing homicides, reducing incarcerations and building police legitimacy.

Shortly after Jarralynne started, the Philanthropic Services staff invited her to one of the Community Foundation’s Lunch and Learn meeting.

“Listening to the staff speak during that luncheon, it was like a light bulb went off,” says Jarralynne. “Bob and I had done a lot of ‘drive-thru’ giving – someone would call about a need and drive by the house and pick up a check. I had no idea what impact we made. Opening a fund at the Community Foundation has helped us be a lot smarter with our giving.”

Jarralynne and Bob like that they can get objective advice on their giving, “Lora Terry and her team have helped us make the most of our assets and the program staff helps us feel confident about the nonprofits we support.”

“As a donor at the Community Foundation, I feel like I am a part of bigger things,” says Jarralynne. “I can’t take on these issues alone. But our fund, combined with all these other funds, means we can put our energy into changing things for good.”