Woven Together: Continue the Conversation

Woven Together: Courageous Conversations brought together diverse people together from different lived experiences and belief systems to engage in a constructive conversation. We are inviting community members to continue the conversation so we can learn, engage with one another, and champion new ideas.

Woven Together: Courageous Conversations

An honest, deep and thought provoking conversation around the state of affairs in our nation today.

Blessed Birmingham

Building community through healing, empathy and belonging

Healing History

What can happen when we fully confront our past, together?
We can build trust. We can foster empathy. And we can strengthen our communities.

That’s the motivation behind Healing History, a collaborative new initiative from the Alabama Humanities Alliance.

Healing History will help Alabamians:

  • Share, and listen to, different perspectives on the past.
  • Gain a greater understanding of our state’s collective history.
  • Learn how our history shapes laws, policies, and relationships today.

The goal is to bring people together across real and perceived divides for mutually respectful discussions — conversations that lead to tangible, unifying outcomes, such as community history projects, more inclusive workplaces, and increased civic engagement. Contact the Alabama Humanities Alliance to learn how you can engage in Healing History:

Laura Anderson
Director of Partnerships and Outcomes


Ashley Jones, Poet Laureate of Alabama

When you ask me from where my help comes

Salah Karassi

Verses from the Qur'an

Birmingham Sai Group

Ganesh Bhajan and Sarva Dharma Bhajan