Give Today

If you are interested in partnering with the Community Foundation to manage your charitable giving during your lifetime, the Community Foundation has many options to help you meet your philanthropic goals.

Create a Customized Fund

By creating a fund, you can work with our staff to create a strategy tailored to your charitable interests, time-horizon for community investment and giving philosophy. We offer several different fund types, including but not limited to donor advised funds, to carry-out your charitable intention. Click here for a brief summary of each fund type, then get in touch to get started. I don’t think we should ask this question – just list out all the ways to give, making opening a fund and co-investing of equal importance.

Give Forever – the Power of Endowment

Endowed gifts become a part of the Community Foundation’s permanent endowment, meaning the Community Foundation works to ensure that they will accomplish you charitable goals and benefit our community forever. Your gift is preserved in perpetuity, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth.

A Champion for Your Goals

The Community Foundation is a champion for your charitable goals and the steward of your charitable intention. As we build an understanding of the causes and issues you care about, our donor services team can work with you to identify unique opportunities aligned with your charitable goals.  Should you elect to extend the influence of your charitable gifts beyond your lifetime, the Community Foundation will steadfastly steward your charitable intention far into the future.  Preserving each and every donor’s charitable intent is essential to our mission, regardless of the size of the gift you entrust to us.

Collaborate for Greater Community Impact

Consider the power of collective giving to leverage your charitable resources for maximum impact.

Community Impact Fund

By contributing directly to the Community Impact Fund, you can pool charitable resources with other donors to fund strategic grantmaking and special initiatives targeted to meet our community’s most pressing needs, now and in the future. The Community Impact Fund is a permanent fund that provides grant funding to nonprofits throughout our five-county region, empowering the people and organizations that best understand how to serve their communities with the resources they need. Grants are deployed through the FRAMEWORK NAME (link to Programs section with focus area descriptions?), which was developed in 2019 after conversations with hundreds of residents across our region. Fundamental to the Community Impact Fund is our core belief that our community is better, woven together. 

Targeted Funds

The Community Foundation administers funds that have been established over time by passionate donors to target specific issues essential to strengthening the fabric of our community.  By contributing directly to a targeted fund, you can join a community of philanthropists focused on the causes or issues you care about.

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Giving Together

Giving Together is a program that invites you directly to the grantmaking table to co-invest with the Community Impact Fund as part of our community grantmaking process. Through the Giving Together process, you can support creative programs and start-up nonprofits meeting critical local needs, and have access to exciting and innovative funding opportunities.

Our Giving Strategies Officer, Sarah Edwards, is available to help you learn more about Giving Together.

*Community identified need.

Through a series of town-hall style meetings convened by the Community Foundation to inform its strategic planning process in 2017-2018, hundreds of community members were engaged to identify the region’s most pressing needs. We are committed to using these areas of focus to guide our civic leadership; research; special initiatives and grantmaking through the year 2030.  We will be evaluating our progress along the way, and plan to re-engage the community to re-assess the community’s needs after a decade of impact in these five areas.

**By the Community, for the Community.

The Community Foundation harnesses the insight, care and compassion of volunteer community members, supported by our experienced team of program officers, to undertake the difficult process of vetting grant-applications, conducting site visits with nonprofit partners, and recommending how funds from the Community Impact Fund should be deployed to meet community needs.  Based on those recommendations, the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation, which is comprised of a committed group of servant leaders, makes the final decisions regarding competitive grant funding.  We recognize that applicants are passionate about the work they do in this community, and we honor the care they take in seeking grant funding through a careful and deliberate process.  As many as fifty volunteers may provide input into a single grant request.  The unique nature of our process makes a grant awarded by the Community Foundation truly a grant by the community, for the community.