Give Tomorrow

Many donors elect to make a substantial charitable contribution through their estate plan, when assets they protected for use during life become available to leaving a lasting legacy in the community. We offer strategies to help you and your professional advisors plan today for a gift tomorrow.

If you are interested in making a gift that will be funded in the future, through an estate gift or other future contribution, email our Director of Gift Planning George Gaskin.  George is available to work with you and your advisors to plan your charitable legacy around the causes and issues you care about.

Learn How to Leave a Legacy

A future gift may take many shapes, and is memorialized in a Future Fund Agreement. A Future Fund Agreement is entirely revocable until it has been funded, and may be customized to carry-out any number of charitable intentions.  By creating a custom Future Fund, you can work with our staff and your advisors to create a strategy tailored to your charitable interests, time-horizon for community investment and giving philosophy.

We offer several different Future Fund types, including but not limited to donor advised funds where you, or a successor named by you, serves as the advisor to the fund. Click here for a brief summary of each fund type, then contact us to learn more about how we can help you realize your charitable legacy.

Fund Types

Give Forever – the Power of Endowment

Endowed gifts become a part of the Community Foundation’s permanent endowment, meaning the Community Foundation works to ensure that they will accomplish you charitable goals and benefit our community forever. Your gift is preserved in perpetuity, with the funds pooled for maximum benefit and invested to achieve long-term capital growth.

A Champion for Your Goals

The Community Foundation is, and always will be, a champion for your charitable goals, and the steward of your charitable intention. As we build an understanding of the causes and issues you care about, our donor services team can work with you to identify unique opportunities aligned with your charitable goals.  Should you elect to extend the influence of your charitable gifts beyond your lifetime, the Community Foundation will steadfastly steward your charitable intention far into the future.  Preserving each and every donor’s charitable intent is essential to our mission, regardless of the size of the gift you entrust to us.

Investing in the Future, One Legacy at a Time

Since 1959, individuals and families have partnered with the Community Foundation to leave enduring legacies, making a lasting impact beyond their lifetimes. The gifts from these generous donors make up our endowment that funds much of our grantmaking and ensures that we can address the evolving needs of the community, now and in the future. Click here to read our Legacy Brochure.

Dora & Sanjay Singh

Dora and Sanjay Singh understand the importance of investing in Birmingham’s future. That’s why their estate plan includes a gift to the Community Foundation that will honor their commitment to innovation and diversity.

Dora and Sanjay Singh

Larry Thornton

From business endeavors to boardroom insights, Larry Thornton’s journey revolves around crafting a legacy of service. His commitment to the Community Foundation shows his vision of a flourishing, united community.

Larry Thornton

Guin Robinson

Guin Robinson credits his grandmother with instilling in him the belief that he should leave the world a better place than he found it. That’s why he is including a gift to the Community Foundation in his estate plan.

Guin Robinson

Brooke & Daniel Coleman

Education has always been a cause close to Brooke and Daniel Coleman’s heart. They know that strategic investments in education are a key to the long-term growth and success of the greater Birmingham community.

Brooke and Daniel Coleman

Laverne Ramsey

Celebrated as a vibrant Renaissance woman, LaVerne Davis Ramsey’s journey spanned the arts, travel and finance. Her legacy gift to the Community Foundation ensures her lifelong passion for health and community will benefit countless futures.

Laverne Ramsey

Richard Tucker

Although he was only briefly a Birmingham resident, Richard Tucker has dedicated half of his estate to the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham. Reflecting a lifelong spirit of giving, his pledge embodies a transformative vision for the region.

Richard Tucker

Community Builders Legacy Society

If you are planning today to make a gift tomorrow, you will be given special recognition as a member of our Community Builders Legacy Society. When you or your advisor informs us about a planned estate gift, you join our Community Builders – a group that honors those forward-thinking individuals that are committed to the future well being of our community. As a member, you will be invited to events on issues in our community, have access to Foundation staff members as a resource for current and future charitable giving and be acknowledged as a special partner in philanthropy. If you prefer for your future gift to remain anonymous, we will of course respect your wishes.
Community Builders Thank You Video

Confirming Intent

We respect that many donors wish to keep their estate planning gifts anonymous. If anonymity is important to you, please consider sharing your charitable intention for funds that may be left to the Community Foundation in the future with us confidentially. This is an important step to make sure that our structure and applicable regulations permit us to carry out your precise intention as stated, and that we understand your directions. Our goal is to make sure that estate planning gifts are administered smoothly, and this step helps us meet that goal.