Megan Montgomery Domestic Violence Prevention Fund

Megan’s Fund is now the Megan Montgomery Foundation to Prevent Domestic Violence, Inc.
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Nearly three quarters of all Americans know someone who is, or has been a victim of domestic violence.

If the victim does escape & survive, they face many years of therapy to heal from the trauma. That is, if they are able to escape.

Megan felt called to share her experience to help other women avoid the horror that is domestic violence.

But Megan was murdered at the age of 31 by her estranged husband just 3 months after she moved away from him. To fulfill Megan’s calling, her mother and step-father have established this fund with the goal of educating students in high school and college about toxic & potentially violent relationships, stopping the violence before it ever happens.

Megan’s Fund is now the
Megan Montgomery Foundation
to prevent domestic violence, Inc.
EIN 88-307-2813

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Megan’s Foundation
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