The following grants were awarded by the Community Foundation in our second round of COVID-19 emergency grantmaking. Rapid Response Grants address immediate, basic needs related to the COVID-19 crisis are awarded in amounts up to $25,000. Nonprofit Adaptation Grants are designated for organizational adaptations to avoid or mitigate disruption of services are awarded in amounts up to $5,000. To date, the Community Foundation has awarded $644,000 in emergency assistance grants to 39 organizations.

Rapid Response Grants

  • P.E.E.R., Inc., to provide prepared food and food boxes for seniors and others in Eastern Birmingham,  $25,000
  • Trinity United Methodist Church, for food and utility assistance for Western Birmingham residents in need, $25,000
  • Birmingham Education Foundation, to provide educational and food assistance support to Birmingham City Schools students and their families during crisis, $15,000
  • Shelby Emergency Assistance, for rent, utility and food assistance for Shelby Co. residents in need, $19,000
  • Crisis Center, support for staff and technology to cover volunteer gaps for crisis and suicide lines and meet increased need, $25,000 – Rapid Response
  • Mother’s Milk Bank of Alabama, to support adaptations to facilitate milk donations during crisis and meet infant health needs, $19,000
  • City of Pell City, to support expansion of tele-health and case management at the St. Clair Community Health Clinic, $25,000

Total Rapid Response Grants: $153,000

Adaptation Grants

  • The Bell Center for Early Intervention Programs, technology and therapist support to provide early intervention for children at risk of developmental delay, $5,000
  • Run Bike & Swim Inc., to provide remote fitness programming for children in Bessemer and beyond, $5,000
  • Cahaba River Society, to provide equipment for production of virtual field trips for K-12 students, $5,000
  • Oasis Counseling for Women & Children, to help with technology to facilitate tele-counseling services for women and children, $5,000
  • Mitchell’s Place, to support technology to provide remote services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities, $5,000
  • Bridge Ministries, Inc., technology support to facilitate rent and utility assistance to clients in need, $2,500

Total Adaptation Grants: $27,500

Total all grants: $180,500