Did you know that Our Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is one of nearly 800 Community Foundations in the United States? Each Foundation is driven by a shared mission of ‘Bringing Impact Home’ and transforming lives within our respective regions. These foundations bring people together to address various area-specific needs, including supporting thriving communities. Collectively, Community Foundations across the United States grant approximately $1.1 Billion annually to strengthen healthy communities.

Since 2021, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has distributed over $2.4 million through our ‘Nurturing Thriving Communities’ priority to support our nonprofit partners. This funding helps to catalyze the growth of more vibrant, safe, and engaged neighborhoods.

One such grant was made to Bush Hills Connections for the Bush Hills Community Garden, which is quickly becoming a local hub. Projects like these highlight the transformative power of strategic philanthropy and its positive impact.

However, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham’s dedication to community welfare extends beyond nurturing thriving communities. It encompasses a diverse range of needs, including providing cultural experiences, exposing youth to enrichment activities, and supporting regional artists. Across the nation, the efforts of all the U.S. Community Foundations resulted in $375 million in grants allocated to bringing music and art to life within their regions.

Because of collaboration with generous donors, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has become a driving force behind the flourishing arts scene in the region. Over the last few years, we have provided millions of dollars in grants to support various artistic ventures, fostering creativity and cultural enrichment.

Another beneficiary of our support was Dance Levels, an organization dedicated to providing dance education and experiences to underserved youth in grades K-12. Through their grant, Dance Levels promotes an active lifestyle, offers access to performing arts classes and performances, and collaborates with local organizations to facilitate dance workshops in schools. The impact of this initiative ripples through the community, positively influencing the lives of many young individuals.

Much like the people they serve, Community Foundations across the U.S. are diverse, helping their populations tackle problems unique to their area. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham is dedicated to ‘Bringing Impact Home’ to our five-county area through the priorities we have identified by asking our community. If you would like to learn more about impactful nonprofits doing amazing work in the area or about getting involved in the grantmaking process, please email Karli Matalka at kmatalka@cfbham.org.