At the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, we hope donors find more than just a transactional relationship; they discover a collaborative journey toward meaningful and lasting impact. At the core of this journey is our Donor Services Team. Learn more about the team here!

So, what exactly happens when you set up a meeting with our Donor Services team? Check out below to learn how you can best utilize your relationship with our staff.

1) Grantmaking

Our Community Foundation’s Donor Services Team offers a pivotal service in helping our donors be strategic with their grantmaking.

We can help you create a custom grantmaking process, connect you with causes in our community that align with your interests, or set up special site visits surrounding a specific topic you want to learn more about. We consider grantmaking our bread and butter – the opportunities are endless!

2) Family Involvement

Our Director of Donor Stewardship, Karli Matalka, is a certified 21/64 facilitator and advisor, to help families explore their values, passions, and visions for the future, ensuring that giving becomes a shared family legacy. If you set up a meeting with Karli, she can create a custom plan to help you involve your family members of any age in your giving.

3) Educational Opportunities

Regularly meeting with our Donor Services Team ensures you are up-to-date about the ongoing educational opportunities to empower donors like you.

From sharing updates on our latest grants and initiative work in areas like mental health, transportation, and green spaces to making sure you are aware of our learning events such as panels and educational bus tours, we ensure donors have the knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact in our community.

4) Legacy Planning

With the guidance of Director of Gift Planning, George Gaskin, donors craft charitable legacies that extend far beyond their lifetimes. Whether through a donor-advised fund or other charitable vehicles, the Foundation offers a flexible platform for donors to leave a lasting imprint on their communities.

We understand that no two philanthropic journeys are alike, which is why the Community Foundation offers custom services. Whether it’s conducting research, facilitating meetings with nonprofit leaders, or providing ongoing support to grantees, the team tailors its assistance to align with donors’ unique interests and objectives.

We would love to meet with you whether it’s lunch, coffee, or a tour of our new office space. Contact Karli Matalka today to set up your meeting!