Round 1 Grant Cycle applications open July 17, 2020 and are due July 31, 2020. Grants will be announced August 21, 2020.

Round 2 Grant Cycle applications are due August 21, 2020 and will be awarded September 11, 2020.

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Phase 2 Focus

Phase 2 will focus on two categories of grant opportunities:

Programs and Services to Meet Critical Needs – up to $25,000

Funding priorities:

  • Preventing and mitigating the impacts of job and income loss
  • Challenges with meeting basic living expenses as the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis settle in

Other COVID-related needs will also be considered for this pool of funding – see application for details

Operational Support for Organizations – up to $25,000

Our findings show that most organizations a) have had to significantly modify services and operations to meet community needs during the COVID-19 crisis, and b) are facing large financial shortfalls in 2020.  These grants will provide some operational support to help nonprofits bridge this crisis and continue providing vital community services.

As in Phase 1, Phase 2 will prioritize support for groups disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, including low-income residents, displaced workers, essential workers, residents with greater health risks, communities of color, immigrant populations, people with disabilities, people experiencing homelessness, and people at risk of intimate partner violence.  Findings from our local survey and national research points to the need for some additional prioritized organization types:

  • Smaller organizations (under $100,000 annual revenue) – our findings show that these organizations are playing a critical role in COVID-related service delivery, but face greater financial and operational challenges in the wake of the crisis.
  • Organizations led by African-Americans and other people of color – Given the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on African-Americans and other people of color and the importance of leadership that reflects and is rooted in impacted communities, we will have an increased focus on organizations in our region led by people of color.

Important Dates

July 17, 2020 Grant applications open for Phase Two
July 31, 2020 Deadline for first round of grant applications
August 21, 2020 First round of grants awarded, and deadline for second round of grant application
September 11, 2020 Second round of grants awarded