Rock Star Raptors

Eurasian eagle owls and bald eagles are often called the “rock stars” of the bird world. The Alabama Wildlife Center at Oak Mountain State Park recently began work on an expansion of their Raptor Center to build a permanent home for these magnificent birds. The Raptor Center is the only the second such facility in Alabama and is a prominent education and tourism destination for people to learn about birding and bird conservation.

Last year the Wildlife Center partnered with Auburn University graphic design professors and students to develop exhibits and update the facility signs and branding. “We were thrilled to receive a grant from the Community Foundation transform those ideas into reality,” says Doug Adair, executive director of the center.

The $60,000 grant is helping to build a state-of-the art raptor enclosure featuring interactive technology and enhancing the visitor experience. “We want people to come to see not just these beautiful birds, but also the ones in rehabilitation,” says Doug. “We want everyone to appreciate the importance of facilities like the Wildlife Center and state parks such as Oak Mountain that allow animals and birds can thrive and have a sanctuary.”