Together We Can

enhance cooperation and prosperity in Birmingham

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Together We Prosper

The Birmingham area is experiencing a surge in local pride and national attention because of developments that are breathing new life into our region. We’ve got great communities, world-class medical facilities, enchanting parks, and a nationally recognized food scene.

But could we do better?

The fact show that for all its recent momentum, the Birmingham area is trailing behind other Southeastern cities in terms of jobs and growth. One reason? Other metro areas found ways to cooperate and unite behind goals that benefited their entire region.

The most successful communities have found ways to work together.

Let’s talk about how the Greater Birmingham area can become even greater!

Together we can…

  • Tackle and solve big issues facing our communities
  • Make our area more prosperous for all
  • Build a more vibrant economy
  • Present a united front when it’s needed
  • Create a stronger legacy for our children and grandchildren
  • Retain our stature as Alabama’s largest metro area
  • Compete more effectively with other metro areas