Community Foundation awards more than $1.4 million in grants

Donors support grants focusing on two Results for region: Children are successful along the education pipeline & People can lead healthy lives

Holy Family_1The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has announced $1,499,000 in grants to 23 area nonprofits that focus on two Results: “Children are successful along the education pipeline” and “People can lead healthy lives.” In addition to these competitive grants the Community Foundation also awarded funds to support three proactive initiatives for the community. Support for the grants came from Community Funds and from Donor Advised Funds.

“These grants are made possible by our donors who have entrusted their charitable dollars and legacies to The Community Foundation,” said Chris Nanni president of the Community Foundation. “Thanks to their vision of collective giving we are able to support organizations that drive positive change across our community.”

This is the fourth year of competitive grantmaking using the Community Foundation’s Results Framework, which focuses on grants in line with four key strategies.  According to James McCrary, Vice President of Grants and Initiatives, feedback from grants made in previous year already show signs of progress. For example, a grant made to Holy Family Cristo Rey has allowed them to increase their enrollment and serve more high-risk students through their Corporate Internship Program. To date, 100% of their students graduate and are accepted to college.

Overall, the grants for Cycle 1 of 2014 focus on two parts of our four-part Results Framework: $450,000 to ensure children are successful along the educational pipeline and $849,000 to ensure people can lead healthy lives.

Each grant focuses on a specific strategy to reach the Results our community has said it wants.  Here’s a list showing grants to each strategy, complete with a description of the grants under each Result.

RESULT: Children are successful along the education pipeline


  • 3 grants totaling $240,000 to increase high-quality early learning opportunities for birth to 8-year-olds
  • 2 grants totaling $210,000 to increase high school graduation rates

RESULT: People can lead healthy lives:


  • 10 grants totaling $550,000 to improve access to care for vulnerable populations
  • 6 grants totaling $299,000 to improve nutrition, healthy food access, and increase opportunities for physical activity

Proactive Investment Grants:

  • $75,000 grant to Central Six Workforce Development Council
  • $25,000 grant for Payday Loan Rescue Project
  • $100,000 grant to Woodlawn Innovation Network

To see a complete listing of the grants for this cycle 2014 Grants Overview

The next cycle of grant applications opens on Monday, June 2, 2014, for proposals addressing two Results: “Communities are sustainable, livable, and vibrant” and “Individuals and families are economically secure.”