Make Your Voice Count Shelby County

“I hope you will be able to participate in an important conversation for all residents in Shelby County. The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham has partnered with us and many other entities in our region to improve the quality of life for all residents in Shelby County. On April 3rd they are convening a community conversation to find out what you value about our region and how we can all invest in making it a better place to live. I hope you will join us.”

Alex Dudchock
County Manager, Shelby County

Community voices: make your voice count

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
11:00am to 1:00pm
American Village, Liberty Hall
Lunch will be served

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Every voice Counts

At the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, we know that that when we come together as a community to listen and learn from each other, we have the power to impact our neighborhoods, communities and lives. Our mission, as a foundation for the community, is to be a vehicle to ignite passion for transformational change in our region. We believe that listening to the community has to be the foundation for this mission. Your voice can help us better understand what we should invest in to support transformational change for our region.

On April 3rd, residents of Shelby County are invited to be part of this conversation to discuss not only what’s great about our community, but also ways to make it even better — what is your vision for a more sustainable, just, safe, strong and vibrant community. This is an opportunity to gather around a table with friends, neighbors and maybe even a few new faces to share your ideas and thoughts about what we can do, working together to make this vision a reality. Every voice counts.