Women’s Breast Health Fund

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Women’s Breast Health Fund dedicated to serving breast cancer survivors

The Women’s Breast Health Fund (WBHF) is a Field of Interest Fund dedicated to making life better for women who are facing breast cancer and for their loved ones. This mission extends across the continuum of breast cancer care, from the time of diagnosis through follow-up care and every subsequent stage of life for the survivor.

In the fall of 2014, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham along with all five major health care systems in the area launched the Breast Cancer Survivorship Rehabilitation Initiative to assess breast cancer survivorship services in the area. Over the course of the last two years, this unprecedented partnership has worked together to survey breast cancer survivors and co-survivors as well as breast cancer survivorship services in the Greater Birmingham area, including Blount, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker counties.

Key findings included:

  1. Survivors, post diagnosis, often do not know where to go for services, even within the same healthcare system
  2. Due to decreased funding, support services for survivors and their co-survivors are lacking
  3. Where services do exist, there is a disconnect between services that are being offered and communication to survivors about the services
  4. There is an overall need for better education and outreach, particularly to vulnerable populations and especially those in rural communities

WBHF also provided funding to launch Forge Breast Cancer Survivor Center. Forge assists survivors and co-survivors in taking an active role in their fight against breast cancer by offering support, knowledge, strength and direction.Through Forge all those touched by breast cancer can bond with others to Forge a new future. For more information visit forgeon.org.

Click here to view the Breast Cancer Survivorship Rehabilitation Initiative Community Report.

2019 Request for Proposals

The 2019 Request for Proposals opens Friday January 18, 2019, the Letter of Intent is due by midnight Tuesday evening, April 30, 2019Click here to view the RFP.

Program Staff

Kim Rogers